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Artists to Watch: Esshii the Free

Artist Spotlight: Eeshii the Free Eeshii the Free is a very passionate creative artist with a great sense of lyricism and style. Combining reggae rhythms with hip hop and various contemporary styles his music is appealing to anyone. Eeshii is a thought provoking artist who’s music often leaves people having important discussion about society, politics and understanding the world in different ways. He is definitely an artist to keep an eye on. Swisha Day was the first of many great […]

Recording Studio Mixer Fat Dog

3 Benefits of Studio Recording

While it’s true acceptable recordings can now be madeĀ at home, a recording studio offers many advantages that are just not possible anywhere else. There’s no replacement for experience Anyone who has tried their hand at recording can tell you there’s a lot more involved than pointing a mic and hitting record. An experienced engineer will know which mic to use, where to point it, what external equipment will sound best with it and saves you tons of time getting it […]