• Rock Star Camp Open House and BBQ June 28th 12 to 4 pm

    Join us at the Music Factory for a day of live music, song writing, recording, jamming BBQ and more! All free! Register here.

  • Reach goes National!

    Thanks to CTV who featured Reach shooting their Christmas video on the CTV news and nationally on Canada AM! Check out this amazing song here.

  • The Music Factory

    Fat Dog is proud to present The Music Factory. Join the community today.

  • Fat Dog Presents:

    Stay tuned for our ongoing free seminars: "the Masters Series". We have some great evenings lined up! We are extremely happy with our new spot! Pay us a visit at 15 Capella Court unit 101

  • Rock Star Camp

    Live the Dream in our 2 week Summer Band Program Rock Star Camp! Summer Sessions begin July 7th. Register today.

  • Rock Star School is in session!

    Creating new bands and helping them find their voice. We're with you every step of the way from creation to production to creating a fan base and getting your tracks to the airwaves!

    Audition for Rock Star School!

Fat Dog Productions

Music Changes Everything. 

Fat Dog houses some of the finest programs available to cater to your musical styles and goals and help you realize your vision. Whether it be studio recording, songwriting or joining a band, we have a program that will suit your needs. 

Book a tour for a free consultation!

The School of Recording Arts

Audio Engineering Training.

Want to learn how to get that "radio" sound on your mixes? Or how to mic up your drum kit or guitar rig to sound huge? Learn all about the recording process on top quality equipment from teachers with decades of experience.  Book a tour now!

Rock Star School

Artist Development Program.

Ever wanted to join a band and rock out? Rock Star School is what you're looking for! Our seasoned teachers and producers will work with you during weekly sessions to help you create a band, write and produce your own music and take it as far as you're willing to go!


Fat Dog Productions

Fat Dog Producions is a collaboration of several audio based enterprises with one focus: musical excellence.


Whether it be songwriting, recording, music lessons, training for audio production or working with our Rock Star bands, excellence is our driving goal.


Your project, your progress, your vision is our business card.  We have decades of experience and we know how get where you want to go- quickly, efficiently and with top quality always being the priority.


"I’ve always felt that “the arts” allow kids to grow into well rounded adults. Music is such a universal language that it can’t help but bring people closer together. Just think of the influence their experience at Rock Star School is going to have on the rest of their lives. It’s pretty humbling. You should be proud of what you’ve created, Chad."

Jeff Graham, Music Director, 105.3 Kiss FM